the habit of the victory

This boardgame (from now HOV) designed by Kevin Zucker of Operational Studies Group (OSG), was released in autumn of 2007. It covers the 1807 campaign of Napoleon in Poland after the rout of Prussian armies in Jena-Auerstadt (ia bicentennial game!).  The game description says:

* Campaigns of Napoleon System, Series 2X. Game Mechanics are the same as Napoleon at the Crossroads, with the addition of the cards.
* Card Assisted Game (CAG) plays with far fewer dice rolls, and quicker overall.
* Each card represents a Movement Command

specifying attrition, administration, etc., and allows for one-time events such as: political, military, officer feuds, and guerilla war. Because they define Movement more closely, the cards make attrition a matter of a quick read-off at a glance.
* Three short introductory scenarios simulate the battles of Pulutsk/Golymin, Eylau, and Friedland.
* Three full-sized campaign scenarios depict the three phases of the war-the Crossing of the Bug and Battles of Pulutsk and Golymin, the campaign and battle of Eylau in February, and the final miscalculation by Bennigsen at Friedland.
* A massive Grand Scenario of up to 69 turns.
* During major battles entire armies can be concentrated under just a few leaders. At other times units can be dispersed independently along with Cavalry Vedettes which help confuse the enemy.

The scale is 6 km (3.75 mi.) per hex / 3 days per turn / 3,000 men per Strenght Point.
Being a Card Assisted Game, HOV promises an easier solitare play than other OSG games.

the 'habit of the victory' and the leipzig project

The 1813 campaign in Germany is one of my favourites. After the disaster of Russia, the breach between the tactical abilities of the French Army and its enemies practically disppeared, whereas the Emperor's genius was not the same than before. All those facts lead to more equilibrate battles, and in the past I have played some of this Campaign's battles using Napoleon's Battles (see the PREVIOUS NB SCENARIOS' at right) with variable results which generally followed the real world ones.
I am now immersed in a massive Project to run the entire 1813 autumn Leipzig Campaign including the 'Four Lost Battles': Gross-Beeren, Katzbach, Kulm and Dennewitz.
The campaign will be run using NAC as a frame-set but incorporating the mechanisms introduced by the new HOV. All will this accomplished is unknown at this time. However, on the contrary that Napoleon, I can spend the time (I have many, many time: advantages of solo play).
The battles and combats will be played with Napoleon's Battles using chance cards à la FLB to add the fog of war.

This is my 'Leipzig Project'....