napoleon's leipzig campaign

This boardgame (from now NLC) was designed by Don Alexander, the author of War to the Death, and was published by OMEGA GAME in 1994. It covers the Campaign of Leipzig from the end of the armistice until the retreat of Napoleon towards France. The game description says:

"Napoleon’s Leipzig Campaign simulates the great confrontation in 1813 pitting Napoleon’s empire against all the other continental great powers. NLC puts the players in the position of Napoleon or the allied triumvirate of Tsar Alexander I of Russia, Emperor Francis I of Austria, and King Frederick William III of Prussia.

The players are required to provide the strategic leadership for their forces against the background of frictions to military operations in this period: limited command and control; unpredictable subordinates leading large forces of unevenly trained soldiers; unwieldy logistical support and tactical engagements that could shortly produces a bloodbath. The stakes are for nothing less than the fate of the Old Order against the forces of change unleashed by the French Revolution.

The maneuver map is centered on the German Kingdom of Saxony. The map is divided into territorial districts, connected by lines of communications. The distance between the districts varies, as the lines of communication represent daily march distances for the military formations of the period. The army and corps combat units are headquarters to which strength points are assigned. Each strength point represents about 1000 men, although this figure varies based upon specific units’ quality of soldiers and number of artillery pieces."

Like 'War to the death', NLC is now out of print. There is little information about this boardgame in Internet, although the BoardGameGeek site has an entry for it and ConSimWorld Forum maintains a thread.

I have designed a gamebox
(5 MB!) for CyberBoard (V 3.0) to play the game without the physical components. See a reduced version of the map of Saxony