katzbach (august 16, 1813)

The Army of the Bober under Marshall MacDonald meets the Army of Silesia under Blucher crossing the Katzbach. Under a storm (that rendered useless the muskets) both armies attempts to destroy the enemy in an encounter battle.

This scenario is based upon the published by David Bush in MWAN #113 and MagWeb


Katzbach pdf file
  Old map Game map
The battlefield


Russian left wing (Langeron) awaiting the French assault. Lauriston advances forming two massive divisional-size columns Rochambeau (Lauriston) attacks Sclaupe and is repulsed The attack of Maison is also repulsed 
The II Cavalry Corps cross at Nieder -Crayn. Prussians deploy before the French cavalry. Prussian infantry advances against the French cavalry. Picture of the Prussian advancement.
The Russian left wing unsuccesfully attempts to break through the French V Corps
The French III Corps arrives at last, and starts the crossing at Nieder-Crayn
The Prussian reserve cavalry attacks the French II cavalry corps fully routing it and then breaks and routs the French infantry of the III Corps
Final situation at the Nyeder-Crayn bridge A last Russian attempt to break through the French V and XI corps, is reoulsed by the Italian cavalry of the XI Corps
At the 18.30 McDonald decided to concede the day and do not risk the french infantry: the V Corps is fatigued and the cavalry II Corps is fully destroyed. In the Russian left wing, the 6º and 9º Corps are fatigued. However, the numerical superiority of the Allied in light cavalry (hordes of cossacks) presages a difficult retreat.


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