what's lasalle?

Lasalle is the first game in the HONOUR series, the new enterprise from Sam Mustafa, creator of Grande Armée and Might and Reason.

According to the Sam's words: "Each game in the HONOUR series is based upon a core set of rules, terminology, and values. But each is a fully stand-alone miniature wargame, addressing one period of the Horse and Musket era at a particular scale, and presenting players with a unique set of challenges. Each game is a beautifully-illustrated, full-color hardback book."

is small-scale and tactical in nature, focusing on the movement of individual battalions and regiments of cavalry. Players take the role of a brigade or division commander in the Napoleonic Wars and tries to complete some specific mission assigned to him by his superior Commander, such as “Drive the Russians from that hill-line!” or "Engage and take the enemy siege train!". It could also cope with small battles or combats, such as Hagelberg or Gohrde (in the Leipzig Campaign) or Medina de Ríoseco, Cabezón, Gamonal, María (in the Peninsular War), i.e. for all those engagements not adequate for Napoleon's Battles, designed for larger scale battles.

In the past I tried several tactical rule-sets (Shako, general de Brigade, Le Feu Sacre, Eagles and Glory, Serrez les Rangs...) until I decided to use down-sized Napoleon's Battles versions to play these these minor engagements: One-half NB and divisional NB for 1:60 and 1:30 (figure:men ratio) respectively. The results were satisfactory, but at the cost of designing and play-testing a growing number of home-rules for addressing casualties, skirmishing, formation changes, etc. So Lasalle, could be the solution to my pleas.

I have followed the work of Sam Mustafa, actually buying Grande Armee, and I like his clever and original game mechanics. No re-basing of figures is needed, so I'll give it a try.

The next game of the HONOUR series would be Maurice, a card driven Seven Years War ruleset.