mockern (october 16, 1813)

The Battle of Mockern is the northern section of the first day of the battle of Leipzig (October 16, 1813) and was fought between the French Marmont's VI Corps and the Blucher's Russian/Prussian Army of Silesia.

The order of battle (OOB) is based on the book of George Nafziger 'NAPOLEON AT LEIPZIG. THE BATTLE OF NATIONS' (Chicago, Emperor's Press 1997)
The second edition of Napoleon's Battles edited by Five Forks has been used with some modifications:
1) The cavalry scale is also 1/120
2) To display small cavalry groups (regiments), units of cavalry from 480 men upwards are allowed,
3) Units of infantry with less than four elements are allowed to display under-strenght French light infantry or Russian jager units.
4) Routed units can try to rally without an attached general with an additional '-3' modifier.
5) The attempts to avoid routs and/or dispersal (14.2.1) can be made without an attached general. The attempt to avoid the dispersal requires a previous rout movement.


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Old map Game map  
The battlefield
From left to right (1) Mockern from the far side of Elster River; (2) The plain of Breitenfeld; (3) The twin villages of Klein and Gross Widderitzsch; (4) The main road to Mockern from the Prussian side.
French deployment
From left to right (1) Deployment 'en avant ' of the French VI Corps; (2) The cavalry covers the center; (3) The Polish and the III Corps protect the right flank.
Allied deployment
From left to right (1) The Langeron's Russian avant-guard; (2) The Yorck's Prussian avant-guard; (3) ThePrussian advance against the French VI Corps; (4) Schematic view of the battlefield at 9.00 h.
Arrival times
Ney 11.00 h
Souham-8/III 13.00 h
23LC/III 14.00 h
11/III 15.00 h
1/IP-2/1P-7/1P-RC/1P-Blucher-Yorck 9.00 h
8/1P-Corps Ar. 1P 9.30 h
8/10R-Langeron  10.00 h
15/9R-22/10R-Ar. 10R 10.30 h
17/8R-St. Priest  12.30 h
Corps Ar. 8R  13.00 h
8CR-11/8R 13.30 h
11CR-Sacken 1430 h
16/11R-11Co 16.00 h
27/11R does not arrived

Ney is busy
Ney was the overall Commander of the northern Leipzig front but he was very busy all the day, so Marmont was the effective C-i-C but his authority only extended to his own VI Vorps. To simulate this situation, Ney is an independent Wing Commander for all units except the Marmont’s VI Corps. However, Ney always must to test for Command Control against his Response Number (6) in the Command Step. If successful (in command) he is present in the battlefield. If not (out of command) he is  riding through the battlefield so their subordinates must test for Command Control.
The vacilations of III Corps
After their arrival, 8/III, 11/III and 23LC/III must test to see if they remain in the battlefield or march towards Leipzig and Lindenau. To remain in the battlefield, they must pass a Command Control test (with the following modifiers: +2 for Excellent; +1 for Good and -1 for Poor Generals). Failing the test, the unit must circulate in march column, exiting the table by the D3 road. Marmont can make a last attempt before the unit leaves the battlefield, by attaching himself to the commanding General and using his ‘+1’ modifier (he is a Good General) in a last Command Control test. All these tests simulate the repeated (and historically unsuccessful) attempts made by Marmont to get reinforcements during the day.


9.30-10.00 h. From left to right: (1) Prussian I Corps advances against the french; (2-3) A semi-failed combined-arms attack of the Prussian Avant-Guard; (4-5) Antoher failed Prussian combined-arms attack. The VI Corps resists the assault!
10.30 h. From left to right (1) The Prussian grenadiers deploy and disorder the French marines; (2) these are unable to form square and arede dispersed by the prussian cavalry....(3) that fails 'recall' and attacks another French square that rejects them.
9.00 -10.30 h. From left to right (1) The Russian Avant-Guard makes evade the French Horse Artillery; (2) The French Light Cavalry counter-attacks the Russian cavalry, but becomes disordered and withdraws; (3) After an artillery duel, the Cossacks take the disordered French horse battery... (4) but, failing recall, they attack the French light cavalry, and are routed.
11.30 h. From left to right (1) The French occupy Mockern and the nearby heights and bombard the approaching Prussians; (2) The Russians deploy in the center, whereas ... (3) the Polish deploy in and around Gross Widderitzsch; (4) Schematic view of the battlefield at 11.30 h.
From left to right and from up to down: (1) 12.00 h The French await the Prussian assault; (2)-(3) 13.00 h. Prussian cavalry attack the French, which form square and reject them; (4)-(5) 13.30 h The French first line is dispersed, and the Prussian cavalry again attack the French marines, which rout them with the aid of French light cavalry; (6) The French cavalrymen reject the Prussian horse artillery; (7) Marmont makes a successful combined-arms attack: The Mockern heights are still in French hands!
From left to right; (1) 12.00 h The 9/III French division occupy the center of battlefield; (2) 12.30 h Saint-Priest starts to arrive; (3)-(4) The Russian deploy slowly starting a long-range bombardment of the French line. Langeron is not in hurry!


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