gross-beeren (August 23,1813)

The three french Corps comprising the Army of Berlin under Oudinot, are advancing towards Berlin in three different columns unaware of the presence of the allied Army of the North. Whereas the IV french Corps (Bertrand) fights indecisively against the prussian IV Corps (Tauentzien) in Blankefelde, the VII Corps (Reynier) in Gross Beren clashes with the prussian III Corps (Bülow). Oudinot, at the head of XII Corps and the III Cavalry Corps is at some kilometers of Gros Beren.
The order of battle is based on:
     Napoleon at Leipzig, George Nafziger, The Emperor Press

This was one of my first attempts with Napoleon's Battles. I used the first edition of Napoleon's Battles edited by Avalon Hill and the only modification allowed was the inclusion of divisional batteries without any further modificacion of the Fire mechanisms.


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General view. Prussians are assaulting Gross-Beeren
Near view of the Prussian attack (5st Borstell's Brigade) on Gross-Beeren, defended by the Saxon infantry and the ligh cavalry (VII Corps)
Gross-Beeren is taken. See the prusian Grand-Battery (with a dismounted gun). The Saxons still maintain the center with the help of the French 32nd division (Durrutte).
General view. Gross-Beeren has been taken. The Prussian right (3rd Brigade of Hesse-Hornburg) marchs towards the heights of Neu-Beren to cut the French retreat line.
Reynier's central Cavalry Reserve formed from the cavalry of XII Corps
Near view of the Prussians marching over the Neu-Beren heights
The Prussians have broken the French center using the Cavalry Reserve of the II Corps (Von Oppen)
A lone French brigade of the 14st division (Guilleminot) of XII Corps acting as rear-guard against the prusians on the Neu-Beren heights (Tout c'est finie)


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