conversion of figures

However the many different unit types marketed, in many occasions our preferred or necessary unit will be not one of them. In that case a simple painting or a conversion is mandatory. This is the case of many of the units shown in the right hand menu of this page. By clicking in the chosen link, a new page will appear showing a little history of the painting or conversion carried out, as well as some pictures of the final result.

At the right-hand menu the Figures appear in th chronological order they were converted. However, to ease navigation, the Figures also appear below ordered by country. Enjoy!

  Spain   Great Britain
  pre-1812 Infantry   pre-1815 Line Infantry
  pre-1812 Royal Guard   pre-1815 Light Infantry
  post-1812 Infantry   Rifles
  Guerrillas   Foreign Infantry
  Lancers of D. Julian   pre-1812 Light Dragoons
  Infantry at Vitoria   Line Cavalry at Albuera
  Line Cavalry at Albuera   post-1812 Cavalry
  Light Cavalry at Albuera   British Rocket Corps
  King Joseph's Army   Portugal
  Foot Royal Guard   Line Infantry
  Horse Royal Guard   Light Infantry
  Line Infantry   Line Cavalry
  Light Infantry    
  Light Cavalry    
  Reg. Joseph Napoleon   France and Allied
      Tirailleurs Corses et du Po
      Foreign Infantry (Fuentes)
  Prussia   Foreign Infantry (Vitoria)
  Prussian Reserve   Hussars (Fuentes)
Prussian Uhlans   Hussars (Vitoria)
Prussian National Cavalry   Polish Infantry
      Italians 1813
  Russia   Bavarians 1813
Light cavalry   Saxons 1813
  Opolchenie flags   Wurtemberg 1813
      Würzburg 1813
  Personalities   Regiment d'lyria 1813
  I French   Baden 1813
  II Allied   Hesse 1813
      French Auxiliary Services
      Régiment des Dromadaires
  Austrian   Berg Chevaux-Legers
  Grenzer Infantry   French Pontoon
  Jägers Infantry French Infantry in greatcoats
Austrian Hussars Gardes d'Honneur
    French Lanciers
    French Hussars