french hussars in 'shako-rouleau'

The 'shako-rouleau' was a cylidrical and stylised shako used by French light cavalry units in the last years of the Empire and during the Royal Restoration and beyond. The 'shako-rouleau' started to be fashionable during the Russian campaign and afterwards, in 1813 and 1814 when several French Hussar Regiments wore it in the field alhough in an un-official way. At this same time, it was an official unit for other cavalry units of the Imperial Guard (such as the 'Eclaireurs' or the Young Guard squadrons of the Guard Cavalry), a tendency that increased during the 'one hundred days' campaign when at least the Marbot's 7th Hussar Regiment is recorded using it.
During 1813, several Hussar Regiments present in Germany (see at this link) have been recorded using the 'shako-rouleau' (See Frederic Burjead page or The Napoleonic Wargamer) so I decided that Hussar Regiments No. 5, 6, 8 and 9 were the best candidates for this painting project.


For the facings I used several coincident sources, such as the Osprey MAA 76 Napoleon's Hussars book by Bukhari and McBride, or the marvelous work ofAndrÚ Jouineau, 'Les Hussards Franšais', volume 3, from which I have made the following composition showing the 1813 official uniforms of the Regiments 5, 6, 8 and 9 in 1812 (no shako-rouleau, of course!).



The above information was combined with the found after the habitual plea in the Napoleon-Series Forum, that was kindly answered by Pierre Toussaint, which provided me with the following picture summarizing all details of the uniform and equipment of the Hussars in the year 1813.



From an uniformological point of view, hussars of all nations were virtually exchangaeble, all wearing the characteristic dolman and pelisse. However, the only 1/72 plastic set with shako-rouleau currently available is the Strelets 095 'Guides of Napoleon' (really 'Scouts' or Eclaireurs) of the Imperial Guard, which are not in Hussar uniform so they are not adequate, although their heads could be used in combination with a more standard Hussar set.
I finally decided for the 24F17 French Hussars Charging unit pack of Newline Designs (profiting from a 25% discount!) that, according to the picture of their site, were suplted with the shako-rouleau

FRENCH Hussars in 'shako-rouleau'   NEWLINE DESIGNS

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