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Histofig plate
Histofig plate


The Regiment at Malo-Jaroslavets (Russia 1812)

regiment joseph napoleon

This Regiment is a Spanish unit that fought for Napoleon during the invasion of Russia in 1812. It was composed of men from the Division del Norte of general La Romana, which could not leave Denmark, and were not carried back to Spain by the English ships in 1808. In 1812, two battalions of the regiment were in the I Corps (Davout) and another two in the IV Corps (Eugene de Beauharnais). These last fought in the battle of Malo-Jaroslavets.
The uniform was white with green distinctives. For the figures I have used the  1/72 ESCI french infantry figures, with the colour scheme that appears in the Histofig and Preussische Militärgeschichte - Historischer Service sites..

The flag was more dificult to find. After receiving help from several groups of YAHOO, I concluded that the Regiment did not have an eagle but used a tricolor flag (1809-pattern)  with the arms of Jose Bonaparte. The flag was therefore made by modifying a 1809-pattern french flag found in Warflag and adding the heraldic arms of Jose Bonaparte, taken from the flag of the Regimiento de Malaga (an unit of the Spanish Jospeh's Army). All flag work was made with PaintShop.

I am very grateful to Mark Gilby for his help in the english translation

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