The Polish defending Gross Widderitzsch (North of Leipzig, 1813)

polish infantry

At this moment, it is very difficult to find (in Spain) plastic figures of polish infantry at 1/72 (20 mm) scale. These units are necesary for the napoleonic wars, because they fighted in all the fronts (including Peninsular War). The only way is by means of a transformation of a similar commercial figure.

 I choose 1/72 ESCI french infantry figures whose short-tail veste, after painting, is very similar to the polish kurtka (at this scale). The above-knee gaiters weared (incorrectly) by these figures, can be elliminated with a cutter Additionally to the use of the polish colour scheme for the uniforms (see Histofig site), and since the figures were designed for use in the Friedland campaign (1807), the infantry must carry the traditional polish headgear: the czapska. This was accomplished by lowering the shako with a cutting and sticking a 2 mm-square carboad at the top.

Polish 1 Polish 2 Polish 3 Polish 4