the other french allied at gross-beeren
(august 23, 1813)

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Tha Polish were the most trusted allied of Napoleon. They also participate in the Campaign of Leipzig forming the 27th Division (Raglovich) of the French VIII Corps (Poniatowski), the 7th and 8th Light Cavalry Brigades of the IV Cavalry Corps (Kellerman) and the 10th Light Cavalry Brigade in the XIV Corps (Saint-Cyr) as well as the Polish Lanciers of the Imperial Guard. During the Leipzig Campaign, these units were usually attached to one or another French Army Corps. For example he 27th Division and  the 18th Light Cavalry Brigade were atached to the IV Corps (Bertrand) and fought at Dennewitz and Leipizg.

Polish infantry sets were not available until the firm Waterloo 1815 launched its AP 008 Polish Infantry 1812/1814 set. Before that a conversion was necessary and thus I made my POLISH INFANTRY conversion. Therefore, I own sufficient Polish infantry figures and no new painting is necessary.
Polish Chasseurs a Cheval wore uniforms similar to their French equivalents, whereas the Uhlans were dressed in their traditional uniform.

See a scheme of the uniforms as seen in HISTOFIG site.

 Polish Infantry
 Chasseurs a cheval

The Würzburgers were left guarding the bridges over the Main river in June 1813. In July other battalion was raised to form the new Würzburg Infantry Regiment whose 2/ and 3/ battalions were included into the 3rd Brigade of the 32nd Division (Durutte) of the VII Coprs (Reynier) fighting in Gross-Beeren and Dennewitz. The regiment had 963 men at August 12, i.e. 8 Napoleon's Battles figures.
They wor a white short-tailed coat similar in cut (nor the tails) to the pre-1812 French habit, white breeches and black under-knees gaiters. Red facings in collar, lapels, cuffs and piping, Voltigeurs and grenadier wore red or green epaulettes, respectively. Black shako and white crossbelts.
The best choice is the ESCI 227 French Line Infantry.

On 16 November 1810, Napoleon gave order to form a light infantry regiment under the name Illyrian Regiment (Regiment d'Illyrie) recruited in Croatia, Istria and parts of Slovenia. At autumn 1813 they formed part of the 2nd Brigade, 14th Division of the XII Corps (Oudinot) and its strenght was around 500 men, i.e. 4 Napoleon's Battles figures.
They wore an uniform similar to French Light Infantry with pointed cuffs and red 'swallow's nest' shoulder wings. Only the collar was red and the piping (in collar,cuffs and turn-backs) was white.
The best choice is again the ESCI 227 French Line Infantry.

The Westphalian Garde Chevauleger Regiment was formed in 1808 from Polish subjects. They had around 500 men (4 Napoleon's Battles figures) at August 1813 and formed part of the 29th Light cavalry Brigade attached to the XII Corps (Oudinot). The jacket and breeches were green with red facings in collar, cuffs and turnbacks and yellow lace. Their uniform can be assimilated to the French Chevaux-Legers Lanciers so the best alternative are the Revell 02578 British Life Guards (adequately decorated!)
The Hesse-Darmstadt Light Dragoon Regiment was brigaded with the Westphalian Garde Chevauleger Regiment and had a strenght of 250 men (i.e. 2 Napoleon's Battles figures). Its uniform was similar to the French Chasseurs with long tails and red collar and turnbacks. Black facings in lapels and cuffs. The helmet was of Bavarian style. The best choice is the  HAT 8093 Wurtemberg Line Infantry se with the crest sligthly re-shaped.
For other Hessian units fighting in the Campaign of Leipzig see Baden and Hessian Infantry at Leipzig
The Baden Dragoon Regiment fought in the 23rd Light Cavalry Brigade (III Corps) with a strength of around 500 men (4 Napoleon's Battles figures). Their uniform was light blue coat and breeches with red turnbacks, collar and cuffs and a Bavarian style helmet. A good alternative are the HAT 8032 Dutch/Belgian Light Dragoons with heads taken from HAT 8042 Bavarian Line infantry.

See a scheme of my choices and (hopefully) my painted miniatures. The uniform plates were taken from HISTOFIG site.

Würzburg Infantry Regiment ESCI 227
French Line Infantry
Ilyrian Regiment ESCI 227
French Line Infantry
Westphalian Garde Chevaux-Legers Revell 02578
British Life Guards
Hessian Chevaux-Legers HAT 8032 Dutch
Light Dragoons with heads from HAT 8093
Baden Dragoon Regiment HAT 8032 Dutch
Light Dragoons with heads from HAT 8042

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