The "Bunzlau" Lasalle scenario is based around two wooden bridges, one of them located near a watermill. I don't have a watermill amongst my scenario items, so its fabrication was mandatory, and this page describes some of the basic steps of its making.

1 My inspirations
2 A view of the materials: 2mm cardboard, water-based paints, white glue, wooden matchsticks and wall-scratch paste
3 A scheme of the building
4 A scheme of the millrace section, to be connected to stream sections
5 The watermill structure in 2mm-cardboard
6 The watermill drying after mounting
7 The millrace with its plasticine banks
8 The ruined version of the watermill, placed on the millrace
9 The 'watermill placed over the 'ruined' version  
10 The millrace piece after application of sand
11 The watermill during the decoration  
12 The watermill with the roof in position  
13 The full set before the making of the mill wheel  
14 The finished watermill with the surrounding walls  
15 Idem.  
16 The 'ruined' version  
17 Another view of the finished watermill