1 The roads are made from independent modules or pieces of several shapes: straight, curves... Almost every road-network can be built
2 The widht can vary but it must be the same in the piece-ends. The avergae is 4 cm (1.5") to acommodate NB cavalry elements in column road. The lenght is indifferent
3 The base is made from 2mm cardboard. The shapes are traced on it with a pen
4 After cutting, the pieces are covered with a thin layer of LITEPLAST or similar material.
5 The extended paste is humidified with the fingers (wash them immediately after!) to texture it
6 The wheels of a gun model are then pased into the paste to mark the trail. Let dry for 24 hours
7 The elements are painted with acrylics in ochre-brrown-wellow shades. The bottom of the wheel tracks must be darker than the rest
8 The lateral borders are painted green or textured with green sawdust or a similar material
9 Decorative grass or bushes can be added as well as stones (cat litter)
10 The finished elements are placed onto the table ant fixed with pins