half-timbered house (1/72 scale)

While designing the game table to play the "Surprise at Kosen" SDS scenario, I realized that my miniature buildings were not well suited to play 1:1 skirmish games with my 1/72 figures.
My existing buildings were designed to play Napoleon's Battles (NB) and follow the Built-Up Area concept. Because real buildings are big and can dominate the battlefield in a wargaming table, the mine were built with a smaller 1/100 scale. This is not a serious problem with NB (or Lasalle) games, where it is clear that the miniature figures are abstractions representing 120 men (in NB) or 20-30 men (in Lasalle). However, in a skirmish game with a 1 man: 1 figure scale, my buildings become significantly smaller and everything seems too strange, because a 1/72 figure (1.80 m tall) looks like a 2.50 m tall giant!
To resolve this mess, I decided to make a couple of buildings from scratch at 1/72 scale for use in SDS encounters. With my miniature armies fighting mostly in central Europe, it was clear that the buildings should be German-looking, so half timbered houses, ubiquitous in Germany, Austria, France, etc. in Napoleonic times, are obvious candidates
 This house is made following a similar method to the used for Napoleon´s Battles and Lasalle B.U.A.'s

1 This is a typical european half-timbered house
2 A view of the materials: 2mm cardboard, water-based paints, white glue, wooden matchsticks and wall-scratch paste
3 A template is drawn in Powerpoint using the total height of a 1/72 figure, to ensure that doors and windows are up to scale
4 The timber frame is built using wooden matchsticks, fixed with white glue or two-sides tape.
5 Scratch-wall paste (or similar) is extended between the wood frame and allowed to dry
6 Additional wood beams were added on the façades
7 The tiles are made from corrugated cardboard cut in strips
8 The strips are glued with white glue, painted with dark red and highligted with light red
9 The walls are painted in ochre and higlighted with yellow. The wood beams in brown and brownish red
10 Closed windows are laser-printed, glued on cardboard and placed in the façade. The chimney is decored with yellow bricks and red tiles