Wooden bridge (1/72 scale)

The "Surprise at Kosen" SDS scenario is based around a wooden bridge in the extreme flank of the Austrian defensive line. All my miniature bridges were built for Napoleon's Battles, so they are undersized when used for 1:1 skirmish games (in the same way that my houses and trees). Therefore, a new bridge was mandatory, and this page describes some of the basic steps of its building.

1 This was the inspiration (Acheson Creations)
2 A view of the materials: 2mm cardboard, water-based paints, white glue, wooden matchsticks and wall-scratch paste
3 The scheme is drawn with Powerpoint
4 The bridge under construction
5 A river section to see the painting job
6 The river bottom is painted
7 Square matchsticks and rounded wooden brochettes (kewers) were cut at the adequate size and glued onto the cardboard.
8 The final bridge before the application of grass