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June 5th, 2016
Prelude to Dessau. A 'Song of Drums and Shakos' Scenario

My name is Rafael Pardo, I live in Valladolid (Spain) and this web-site is devoted to my main hobby which I started around 1980: Wargaming with Napoleonic miniatures. Is a very interesting and absorbing world, being related with fields such as military miniatures (painting, converting....) dioramas and scenics, boardgames and last, but not least, military History.

I play solo (solitaire, alone) by necessity and preference and my games are usually projects based around a Battle or Campaign of the Napoleonic era. After choosing the battle or combat, I research for the strategical and tactical situations, find the maps of the zone, paint the necessary 20 mm or 1/72 plastics or metallic miniatures (if not available from previous battles), design the adequate table-top and eventually, I write a Scenario.

Depending on the size of the battle or combat, I use different rule-sets. If the battle is medium or large involving several Army Corps, I use Napoleon's Battles (now in its 4th Edition). If it is a small battle or combat, fought by a pair of Divisions, I use Lasalle from Sam Mustafa and if it is a skirmish I use Song of Drums and Shakos.

Additionally, in this site you will find very different game-related things: painting and conversion of miniatures, the making of scenery items (buildings, rivers, roads...), Scenarios for the above cited rule-sets, thoughts about solo playing mechanisms, descriptions of the small number of boardgames I use, and two Cyberboard game-boxes for 'War to the Death' and 'Napoleon's Leipzig Campaign' OMEGA old boardgames.

Watch my simultaneous wargaming project, the Campaign of Leipzig (autumn 1813). The final goal is the joint use of Napoleon's Battles and the boardgames 'Four Lost Battles' and 'Napoleon at the Crossroads' of the now re-born Operational Studies Group. See it at 'The Leipzig Project' page or visit  the PROJECT LEPIZIG blog.

At last, in the real world I am chemist, university professor and scientist. My research activity focusses on environmental topics such heavy metals or emergent pollutants. Like the vast majority of serious and independent researchers, I think that global warming is real and the result of our activities and not a natural occurrence. There is no doubt we can solve this problem and we have a moral obligation to do so.

Enter, enjoy and come back again!

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