Pitschenberg (September 4, 1813)
Macdonald comes back

After escaping form the Allies at Bunzlau, Macdonald is marching at full speed towards Bautzen pursued by Bluecher. The Allied advance guard is commanded by Vassilchikov which has garrisoned the Pitschenberg (a hill near the Bautzen-Löbau high-road) with a Prussian detachment and is actively following the dispirited French with the rest of their command.
However, Napoleon has returned to Bautzen at the head of a large force and has ordered Macdonald to turn around and advance again with his army group (XI, V, III and II Cavalry Corps). At the 6 p.m. of September 4, the35th French/Italian division (XI Corps), supported by the 16th division (V Corps) and the 28th Light Cavalry brigade (XI Corps) and the 2nd Light Cavalry Division (II Cavalry Corps) started the attack against Vassilchikov, forcing him to retire. The Allies started again the cat-and-mouse game dictated by the Trachtenberg Plan and retreated eastwards.
This Lasalle Scenario is based on that combat.

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Map of the area General Nikolay Vasilyevich Vasilchikov Game map
  The actual table-top battlefield   
The initial deployement
Scenario pdf file for 'Pitschenberg'

Summary of the oob
French Army
(Army Moral 51; Break point 17
C-i-C Macdonald French XI Corps
Gerard French XI Corps

35th Division Henin
- Infantry
: 11 battalions
- Artillery: 2 Foot batteries
28th Light Cavalry Brigade Montbrun
- Cavalry:
2 regiments
- Artillery:
1 Horse battery
16th Division Maison (V Corps)
- Infantry
: 5 battalionss
- Artillery:
1 Foot batteries
2nd Light Cavalry Division Roussel d'Hurbal (II Cavalry Corps)
- Cavalry:
5 regiments
- Artillery:
1 Horse battery

Prussian Army
(Army Moral 45; Break point 15
C-i-C Vassilchikov
Prussian Advance Guard von Katzeler

- Infantry: 2 battalions
- Cavalry: 3 regiments
- Artillery: 1 Horse battery
Prussian detachment Hiller
- Infantry: 5 battalions
- Cavalry: 1 regiments
- Artillery: 1 Foot battery
2nd Russian Cavalry Division Lanskoi

- Cavalry: 2 regiments
- Cossacks
: 2 pulks
 8th Brigade Hunnerbein
- Infantry: 5 battalions
- Artillery: 1 Foot battery
 15th Russian division Rudsevich
- Infantry: 2 battalions

Notes: The basic duration of the game is 24 Turns (3 hours). Seven dice are used, instead five, to test Army Moral. Bonus Turns are allowed rolling 2D6 (p. 66 of e-Lasalle book). The French are attacking and are the first side.

Deployment and Reinforcements
French units
The 35th Division is deployed in B1-C1. The 28th Light Cavalry Brigade in A1. Infantry reinforcements (16th Division) may enter at D1w/D1s/D2 (20%/40%/40%). Cavalry reinforcements may enter in D1s/D2 ((30%/70%)-C1 (20%/50%/30)
Allied units Hiller’s command must be deployed on the Pitschenberg area (B3-D3). Von Katzeler’s advance guard is in the west bank of the stream in the Breitenfeld area. The Russian cavalry is near Carlsbrunn. Prussian reinforcements may enter in A5n/A5e/B5 (20%/30%/50%). Russian reinforcements in D4/D5s/D5e (40%/30%/30%)
All reinforcements follow the Lasalle arrival rules (p. 91 of e-Lasalle).

Assault of defiles (optional)
1) A column of march can assault a defile like a bridge, a fortified gate, a fort, etc. It represents not only true march columns, but also all those formations with reduced front.
2) It fights at 1/2 dice and with no previous shooting, adding a -2 for "bad terrain" as they will be fighting in cramped quarters.
3) The enemy can use the "cover" or "higher elevation" modifiers when applicable.
4) However the small front, the enemy never halves their dice.

Cossacks (Optional rule)
1) Irregular cavalry units may charge enemy units standing in 'limbered' or 'march column' formation in open terrain.
2) Irregular cavalry units must to pass a 'Discipline' test to initiate the charge in open terrain.
3) If routed in 'decisive combat', the irregular cavalry unit is immediately broken.

Victory conditions
The Allied aim is to reach the duration limit of the game (24 turns) without breaking. Pitschenberg hill is an Objective for the game and the rules of p. 67 and 91 (e-Lasalle) are of application..

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