malo-jaroslavets (october 24, 1812)

 13.30 h. The situation at the ford is stabilised. At the other flank, both sides indulge in an artillery battle, and the Russians again ocupy a zone of Malo-Jaroslavets
(1) The Russian disperse the Italians. (2) Russian Guard cavalry attacks the 1B/14/IV (rallied) but  (3) they fail and must bounce disordered. (4) The Russian infantry expulse the French from Malo-Jaroslavets. The General Delzons is taken prisonner.
14.30 h. The Italians 'au feu' 
Eugene releases the Italian Guard Cavalry against the Jaegers, which fail go prone and are routed (2). The Italians do not can rout another Russian infantry unit (fighting in column!) and must bounce disordered (3). The Foot Italian Guard routs the Russians at Malo-Jaroslavets (4)
15.00 h. Napoleon uses the initiative marker to change the order of play: the French become the first side and therefore have two consecutive turns to play.
Pino's Italians attack the 7th Corps Russian but fail and must withdraw. Meanwhile, the rallied 14th Division attacks the Jaegers and after a long combat, is routed
Russian Guard cavalry counter-attacks dispersing other brigade from 14th Division. Afte that, they attack the Regiment Jose Napoleon that, altough fails the square, wins the combat (too much!)
Davout re-cross the ford and send the Cossacks towards the green meadows of Ukranie, and starts his advance. All reinforcements have arrived.
The last moments before dusk
Russian hulans rout the last Italian briagade and after the Reserve Artillery of the IV Corps. 
Russian and French reinforcements advance towards the front line. The battle is about to reach its climax, whereas the Russian continue their bombardment of Malo-Jaroslavets
The Reg. Jose Napoleon routs the Cossacks and stand defiantly previously to be dispersed by the Russian artillery fire.
Altough the French continue crossing at the fords, the Russian defense "en potence" in all the line is imposing.
19.00 h. Night arrives and Napoleon stops the fight. All the crossing points are in French hands, but they can not desembouch from the town into the plain. This retreath path is not available to HIM!
Results of Malo-Jaroslavets
Russian points
French losses: 126
Dismounted guns: 8
Captured generals: 1*3= 3 (Delzons)
Controlled objectives: 342

Total: 407 points
French points
Allied losses: 67
Dismounted guns: 2
Captured generals: 0
Controlled objectives: 270

Total: 411 points
The French IV Corps has been elliminated as combat force (12,700 losses) whereas the I Corps has suffered 2,000 lossses. In the Russian side, the 6th Corps has losed 8,000 men, the 7th 1,800 and the 2nd Cavalry Corps 840. Other corps have suffered around 1,000 losses. The route towards Kaluga remain closed for Napoleon which must retire througth the Borodino zone


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