holding action at leubnitz (august 28, 1813)
A "programmed wargames scenario" ADAPTED for divisional napoleon's battles

French intended plan, marching at full speed down the main road and surpassing Leubnitz Prussian static defense with light infantry covering Leubnitz and left flank
The initial stages (15.00 - 17.00 h)
The Prussian main line of defense The Fusiliers at Leubnitz The Jagers deployed in the high ground The French vanguard and right flank guard arriving
French right flank-guard facing Prussian Jagers French advanced forces mask Leubnitz and run for the Prussian main line, whereas the main body arrive French left flank guard engaging the Prussians
The French main body deploys whereas Leubnitz is masked The first cavalry clash (Prussian Dragoons vs. Italian Chasseurs)  finishes with the retreat of both sides
A view from the French rearguard The Polish Lanciers outflank Leubnitz The French Hussars attack the Prussian 2/6th Reserve Infantry which forms square and forces their disordered retreat, causing havoc amongst the French main body
The Polish and the 2/7th Silesian Landwehr fights an indecisive combat The 1/3/7th Silesian Landwehr boldly advance against the disordered Polish routing them The Prussian 2/6th Reserve changes into line awaiting the French assault 17.00h. The attacks of all the French vanguards have been rejected and the Prussian wait for the incoming onslaught
The main attack (17,00h -17,30h)
The French are launching their main attack The 3/7th Silesian Landwehr is routed after a 2-turns combat whereas the 1/7th Silesian Landwehr resists and, with the help of Jagers, the first victorious French unit is routed r
A Prussian foot battery is overcome The 2/6th Reserve routes two simultaneous French assaults and then advance against them finishing the work!
The recovered Polish try a dash against a Prussian square but are rejected  The Prussian line has resisted the French push! and both armies recover the order The last attempt: The Italian Chasseurs take the Reserve in flank but are rejected again!
Both forces are facing but the spirit of fight is finished. The Prussians can continue their retreat because of the lack of fresh French cavalry
French losses
1290 infantrymen
510 cavalrymen
2 dismounted guns (6 pdrs.)
Prussian losses
780 infantrymen
4 dismounted guns (6 pdrs.)
The percentage of Prussian losses is smaller than the maximum allowed (30%) and the rearguard has rejected all the French attacks, so the the game is a


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