Pitschenberg (September 4, 1813)
Macdonald comes back

The plans of the generals
French Plan Allied Plan
(1) To occupy Breitendrof rejecting the Prussian advance guard (2) To engage frontally the main Allied line (3) To outflank the Allied flank with the reinforcements (4) To advance all along the line (1) To hold the French attacks while awaiting for the reinforcements (2) To advance with the reinforcements (3) To advance from the centre-right
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The fight at Breitendorff
The first attack on the Pitschenberg
The Prussian counter-attack
The French attack again
The final results

French losses (14 pts.)
7/6e Legere; 1/, 3/112e Ligne; 3/, 4/2e Italian Light; 3/5e Italian Line; 3/1e Italian Horse Artillery; Neapolitan Horse Battery

Allied losses (23 pts.)
Fus/1 E. Prussian IR; Guard/E. Prussian Jagers; Hussars Brandenburg + Leib R.; Horse battery#2; Grenadiers E. Prussia; Leib Grenadiers; 1/14th Silesian Landwehr; 6pdr Foot Battery#24; Marioupol Hussars; Karpov#2 Cossacks; Loukoffkin Cossack; 2/Brandenburg IR; 2/12th Reserve IR; 6pdr Foot battery#15

Pursuing cavalry:
French: 15 bases left
Allies: 9 bases left
Pursuit allowed


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