zahna (september 4,1813)

The Battle of Zahna, was a prelude to the battle of Dennewitz. The advance-guard of the Oudinot's French-Bavarian XII Corps (part of the Ney's Army of Berlin) encountered the Tauentzien's Prussian IV Corps during the advance towards Berlin. The actual battle reduced to a French demonstration (only five battalions were engaged) that forced the Prussians to retire towards the Bernadotte's Army of the North. Two days later, the battle of Dennewitz would end the Ney's advance against Berlin.
The battle is described in the Nafziger's book 'Napoleon at Dresden. The Battles of August 1813' (The Emperor Press, Chicago, 1994), and there is also an OOB for Zahna in the Nafziger collection, now in the U.S. Combined Arms Research Library.
Whereas the actual engaged forces were very small, the Nafziger's OOB is un-balanced towards the French. However, using the French Liberation lists of the Lasalle ruleset, with the core list plus all the organic brigades and one Allied brigade (Bavarians), produced a force similar in size to the Prussian IV Corps.
My acknowledgements to my good Argentinean friend Armand d'Arc: he suggested me this little battle. .


Old map (taken from Google Earth Game map
The Zahna actual tabletop The actual battlefield The village and the unexpected farm
  Prussian deployment  
  French deployment  
Lasalle Scenario file for Zahna (pdf)

Summary of the oob
French Forces: XII Corps (Army Moral 52; Break point 18)
Maréchal Oudinot Duke of Reggio
14th Division: 1st Brigade (5 battalions); 2nd Brigade (6 battalions); Foot artillery (2 batteries)
13th Division: 1st Brigade (4 battalions); Foot artillery (1 battery)
29th Light Cavalry Division: 3 Light Cavalry regiments; 1 Horse artillery battery
Artillery Reserve (1 battery)
Reinforcements 29th (Bavarian) Division (5 battalions);  Foot artillery (1 battery)

Prussian Forces IV Prussian Army Corps (Army Moral 54,5 Break point 19)
Generallieutenant Tauentzien
Detachment: 2 battalions; 1 cavalry regiment; 1/2 Horse battery
First line: 6 battalions; 3 cavalry regiments; 1 foot battery; 2 horse half-batteries
Second Line: 7 battalions; 4 cavalry regiments,;1 Cossack Regiment;, 1 1/2 foot batteries; 1/2 horse battery

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