what's napoleon's battles?

I am in Napoleonic Wargaming from 1980's. From then until now I have buyed, tried or used many different rule-sets: Grant's rules (The Napoleonic Wargame), Quarrie's rules (Guide to Napoleonic Wargaming), Empire II, III and IV, Brigade! (a computerized set from Eagle Software), Napoleon's Battles, Volley and Bayonet, Grande Armee, Age of Eagles and many others (I am a compulsve rule-sets buyer!).

When Intenet arrived to my home (1996) I hear of a Napoleonic rule-set named Napoleon's Battles of Avalon-Hill and designed by Craig Taylor and Robert Coggins. I was then making a transition from Empire style games (very detailed and veeery slooooow) towards brigade-sized ones, by the simple expedient of usig my Empire-mounted miniatures at lesser (for both men and terrain) scales. However, a first and avid lecture of Napoleon's Battles lead to the fully re-mounting of all my miniatures to accomodate they to the new scales and thus, I entered in this new age in which all the major actions of the Napoleonic era (well, almost all) could be played in my table game.

In the last ten years I have solo-played many battles with Napoleon's Battles, modifying the rules when necessary in punctual situations. I use now the 3rd Edition  with all the optional rules, but I am always interested in new mechanisms introduced in other sets such as Age of Eagles or Grande Armee, in order to incorporate them to my gaming.

In this 'Napoleon's Battles' section of this web you can find house-rules, modifications for solo gaming and a series of Scenarios I have solo-played in these years, including Scenario pdf.file and a graphical account with pictures. For the making of the Scenarios I have used the amazing "Nunez Tables" found in the CSGA NB page.

The next step is to integrate Napoleon's Battles with some Campaign mechanism allowing to play the battles in a logical sequence. My first attempt is the refight of the Campaign of Leipzig (Autumn 1813). The project imply the painting of new miniatures and the use of the boardgames 'Four Lost Battles' and 'Napoleon at the Crossroads' from Operational Studies Group.  You can watch the state of the Project at 'The Leipzig Project' or in my PROJECT LEPIZIG BLOG.


Craig Taylor and Bob Coggins (january 2009)