ligny (june 16, 1815)

Napoleon has entered Belgium and has located itself between the Anglo-Dutch and Prussian armies. While Ney is fighting Wellington at Quatre-Bras, Napoleon attacks the Prussian army entrenched in the Ligny brook and the villages than border it.


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The battlefield

Arrival Reinforcements

The peregrinations of D'Erlon's I Corps played an important part in the battle, although only the part listed may arrive to the field and be engaged: Durutte's 4th Infantry Division and Jacquinot's 1st Cavalry Division  (1C). They arrive at 18 hours, so test for arrival from two turns before as usual. When I Corps arrives, its area of deploy must be diced: 1-4: B5, 5-8: C5 and 9-0: D5.
Due to the restrictive orders from Ney and D’Erlon, to actually place the units on the table, D’Erlon must to pass a command test starting at the turn of arrival (lesser or equal to 5 is required, and no free rolls can be used). In subsequent turns a -1 modifier is applied. When the test is passed, the units can appear deployed on the table and be engaged 1 turn later. If the test is not passed, the units not are put on the table.


Prusian II Corps in reserva behind the heights of Brye Prusian 1st Brigade  defending the St. Amand building complex French III Corps  approaching St. Amand Both sides wait reinforcements by the roman road
Prussians in Ligny  waiting the French assault French IV Corps (Gerard) starts the assault on Ligny Vandamme attacks the St. Amand complex
Vandamme's III Corps attempting to cross the Ligny brook IV Corps fighting for Ligny. Old Guard Artillery destroying Ligny  D'Erlon's I Corps arrives at Prussian right
Napoleon watching with some trepidation the arriving troops  Old Guard Grenadiers (Friant) attacking and breaking the Prussian center Guard Horse Grenadiers cross the Ligny brook to finish the affair: Mein Gott!


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