pass clearance
horselburg (october 26, 1813)
A "programmed wargames scenario" ADAPTED for divisional napoleon's battles

The plans of the generals
Prussian Plan French Plan
Prussian arrival and first attacks (6.30-8.40 h)
The Prussian advance guard deploying under the French fire. The French infantry have occupied the cemetery
 French cavalry protecting thier artillery  Prussian Advance guard deploying  The Leib and Brandenburg Hussar regiments are rejected in turn
 Yorck arriving with the Prussian 7th Brigade  The 1st Tirailleurs resists a combined arms Prussian attack...  ...and the 2nd Tirailleurs holds on opposite the Prussian Grenadiers  The French right flank resists!
 The Prussians outflank the cemetery whereas the French first  line retire and the 3rd Tirailleurs deploys in the woods  The wood remains in french hands...  ... but the Prussian Grenadiers defeat the 1st Tirailleurs Regiment  In the center, the Brandenburg Hulans overrun one full French foot battery
 The French front line is broken and a hole has appeared in their center
The final push (9.00 h - 11.00h)
Prussian 7th Brigade deploying according to 'the book'  After clearing the wood, the Prussian Advance guard march against the French right flank  Horselburg is occupied by two Young Guard regiments whereas the cavalry is re-organizing itself
The last French line is formed Prussian infantry is outflanking the French right flank The Prussian West-Prussia Grenadiers defeating the 9th Tirailleurs but the second French line stops the outflanking Prussians
 The Landwehr take the French line in flank but is also rejected. The outflanking manoeuvre is temporarily halted In the opposite flank, several mixed combats resulted in a stale-mate situation
 Prussian attacks on Horselburg are rejected one after another  The Young Guard tries slow down the Prussians but, after re-organization, the Prussians come back to the attack
routing the French line The last French reserve routs the West-Prussia Grenadiers and the fire 'cleans up' the area
In the other flank, the cavalry melees continue  Horselburg is outflanked and the combat is finished
French losses
210 cavalrymen
3.5 (14) losed guns
Prussian losses
1890 infantrymen
570 cavalrymen
2 (8) dismounted guns
Taking into account the losses and that the position was turned, the game is a


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