hagelberg (august 27,1813)

Prussian battle plan in three steps French retreat plan
The first Prussian attacks (15.00-16.00 h)
The Prussians arrive opposite the farm The 3/24me Legere is routed by fire The farm is assaulted but the croats resist! The Prussian flanking force advancing through the woods
The farm is evacuated and the Prussians cross the stream The 3/18me Ligne is routed by the combined attack of two Kurmark Landwher battalions The 3/26me Legere resists on the hill
The recovered  3/24me Legere routs two Landwher battalions estabilizing the farm area Prussian cavalry fills the center under the French guns
The flank attack (16.00-17.00 h)
The flanking force exits from the woods and attacks the French 2me Brigade The Prussian 1/1 Reserve routs the 3/56me Ligne
Meanwhile, the 3/72me Ligne repels a combined attack but, after fierce combats, both sides rout French wagon train leaves Hagelberg escorted by the Saxons and the Cossacks arrive!
routing a rench light march squadron and finishing the routed Croats in the rearguard A confused and indecisive cavalry melee occurs at the center
The Prussian 3/1 Reserve routs the 3/134me Ligne and the French cavalry try, without success, to halt the Prusssian advance The Prussian flanking force continues its slow advance and the French have their backs against Hagelberg
Windmühlberg interlude (16.30-17.00 H)
Girard and his HQ in the windmill The French infantry (3/19me Ligne) is expelled from the heights and the 3/24me Legere is also routed
The French retreat in good order (18.00 h)
The French cavalry covers the retreat of the French right whereas the the Prussian line is parallel to the road used by the French divisional train Scheme of the final situation (18.00 h)
French losses*
143 inf + 6 cav + 2 guns

* 62 inf were dispersed and could be deducted from total losses
Prussian losses*
131 inf + 25 cav

* 67 inf were dispersed and could be deducted form total losses
Frenh points (NB2)
28 removed bases + 54 objectives  = 82 points
Prussian points (NB2)
34 removed bases + 2 guns (@3) + 23 objectives = 63 points
Frenh points (NB1)
156 figures + 135 objectives  = 291 points
Prussian points (NB1)
149 figures + 2 captured gun (@2) +  58 objectives = 211 points


The number of losses was similar for both sides but the French maintained their retreat line and that fact explains the difference in points. The inclusion in the terrain of the stream and farm marked the main difference with the actual battle of Hagelberg, because these obstacles made that Prussian forces were disrupted. Moreover, the Prussian coordination failed and the different attacks were not issued simultaneously.
At last, the French offensive was stopped, but the Magdeburg garrison was not so mauled like in the actual Campaign of Leipzig.


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