eylau ii (february 8,1807)

The impredent movement of Ney in his winter camp triggered the reaction of Russian army originating a battle in mid winter.

The main modification is the Rusian Battle Order. The amount of heavy and horse artillery batteries have been increased to make the three historical great batteries and the central horse artillery reserve. The Russian line of battle has been divided in Right, Center, Left and Reserve. Each section is under the command of the corresponding senior general of division (as in the historical battle) whose command radii has been increased in 2". Bragation is now a wing positional commander.
To simulate the blind movements originated by the bad time, at the start of a side's movement phase and before doing anything else, roll 1 die. If a "1" ("1" or "2" during the 17.30 - 21.30 turns) is rolled, all movement (for both sides, including reaction moves) is halved. In that case, the true direction of movement is found in the fire template by rolling 1D10, with the numbers 1 to 10 from left to right clockwise.


Eylau II pdf file
  Old map Game map
General picture of the Eylau battlefield (sorru, no snow in this temporal paralel dimension!)


General picture of the Russian defensive line. The grand batteries can be seen over the ridge. In the foreground is the cavalry of the Russian right.
Russian horse artillery reserva at Anklapen.
Napoleon and the Old Guard at Eylau. Part of the french Cavalry Reserve and the Augereau's VII Corps can be seen at right.
Due to the lack of visibility Augereau's VII Corps has inclined to right whereas simultaneously St Hilaire's division (IV Corps) has inclined to left, to he units are now intermingled. Meanwhile, Serpallen is defended by Bagavout and Bragation.
10.00 h. Augereau attemps re-order his Corps whereas Davout starts to arrive in force on the russian left. Bagavout still remains in Serpallen but a Jaeger brigade has been dispersed.
The French assault on the Russian center-left, carried out by the Augereau's VII Corps assisted by the D'Hautpoul Carabiniers, is rejected with losses. Cossacks and Cuirassiers from the Russian center (Gallitzin) are ready to transform the French withdrawal into a rout.
The Russian Cuirassiers attack the disordered French carabiniers under the Russian guns. The routed and disordered Augereau units can be seen in the background
Augereau has taken Serpallen, whereas Davout is deploying ready to attck K. Sausgarten and the adjacent woods. The Russian 14th Division (Kamenskoi) attemps to defend that flank, by deploying into the village and wood
The same zone as seen from the Russian side. Davout continues his advance: Friant is attacking Kamenskoi (deployed into the wood, into and around K. Sausgarten), whereas Morand advances through the breach open after the combat between the cavalry units of Marulaz and Bagavout. St.Hilaire has taken he Russian units deployed on the ridge by their flank.
In the French right-center, the problems continue for Augereau's VII Coorps, whose units are entangled and disordered by the repulse of the French Reserve Cavalry.
St-Hilaire starts to attack the vertex of the L shaped Russian line
The Russian are slowly retiring because of the joint attack of St-Hilaire and Davout. The cossacks run towards the extreme Russian left. Anklapen can be seen in the center of the picture.
Anklapen is occupied by the Russian reserves. In the adjacent wood are the Platov's cossacks, the last remnants of the Center Russian cavalry (Gallitzin) as well as the Jagers of Kamenskoi. The burning K.Sausgarten village can be seen in the background
Another pictyure of Anklapen transformed in the strongpoint of the Russian defense. St-Hilaire french troops appear at right side.
Lestock's Prussians start arriving (left background), whereas the French are getting ready to assault the Russian center with the Old Guard's infantry and the Grouchy's dragoons.
14.30 h. Whereas the battle is raging as an artillery duel (at Russian advantage) Ney arrives with his VI corps on the French left. In the background the Lestcok's Prussians can be seen. 
The French have break the Russian center and the French cavalry broke into the Allied rearguard. The disordered French dragoons charge towards the Prussian troops that were going to reinforce the Russian left flank.
The Prusian cavalry attempts to stop the advancing French but the Old Guard infantry and the dragoons of the Reserve Cavalry continue pouring into the Allied rearguard
French losses were 30,000 men (250 figures) and five generals 'hors de combat'.
Allied losses amounted to 41,000 men (341 figures), two generals 'hors de combat', one captured general (Sacken) as well as 54 guns (9 figures).
The French also taken the north exit of tabletop, but they don't could take the villages of the northwest zone. The Russians retired unmolested.
The victory points, taking into account losses and objectives were:
France: 757 points
Allied: 689 point


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