Bunzlau (August 30, 1813)
The escape from the katzbach

The plans of the generals
Russian Plan  French  Plan
(1) To dispute the small bridge while retiring (2) To disoute the large bridge (3) To watch the fords To attack frontally the bridges (2) To make a flank attack using the southern fords (3) Break from the north using the northern fords
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The first moments of the combat
The central ford
The southern ford
The fight in the bridge over the Bober
The last moments
The final results

French losses (5 pts. plus 17 pts of losses)
1/9e Legere, 3/50 Legere; 19/e Foot Artillery

Allied losses (8 pts. plus 8 pts. of losses)
1/ and 2/49th Jaegers; Fusiliers leib IR; Kamchatka IR

Pursuing cavalry:
French: 6 bases left
Allies: 5 bases left
No pursuit


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