prelude to dessau (october, 1813

An advance-guard affaire
While the trap is closing behind him at Leipzig, Napoleon is trying to catch the elusive Bernadotte’s Army of the North in the banks of the Mulde River *. A small mixed squad sent by the Souham French IV Corps is scouting towards Polnitz and has found a small hamlet occupied by Prussian forces from the Dobschutz 4th Prussian Brigade.
The French party is commanded by the lieutenant Breton (10th Hussars) and includes sergeant Dupuis, 3 privates of the 10me Hussards as well as sergeant Lefevre and 6 privates (3/2me Légere IR). The Prussian rearguard patrol is commanded by lieutenant Mueller, sergeant Kroos and 6 privates of the 3/3th Reserve IR and includes also sergeant Ulianov and 6 men from the Karpov#2 Cossacks..
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French losses

Lieutenant Bréton, three Hussards and Sergeant Lefebvre (3/2me Legere)

Allied losses

All the Cossack contingent, including Sergeant Ulianov




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