surprise at kosen (october 21, 1813)

Surprise at Kosen
The French Army has been routed at Leipzig and is retiring westwards. In an effort to cover the French withdrawal, Napoleon has sent General Bertrand, with a strong force, to attack and destroy the bridge over the Elster River at Kosen.
Lieutenant Michel has been sent, with a pair of sappers and a small detachment of the 2/8e Léger, to destroy a small secondary wooded bridge located in the outskirts of Kosen, over a small channel. However, a Grenzer squad from the Waradisner Kreutz Grenzer No. 5 Regiment, has already occupied and garrisoned the area. It is teh dawn of October 21, 1813.
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French losses

Wounded: 2 Chasseurs
Dead: Sargeant Funes, the Voltigeur (marksman) and 2 Chasseurs

Grenzer losses

Dead: Natporučnik Kocsis, Sargeant Spasic and 3 Grenzers
2 Grenzers

Two damage points made to the bridge (only one left to break it)




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