cossack ambush (september, 1813)

Cossack ambush
Somewhere in Saxony, the French and Allied light cavalry units are scouting the terrain between both armies, trying to gather information about the whereabouts and composition of the enemy.
The Polish General Uminski has sent a patrol of the 1st squadron of the Krakus Regiment, under their young ADC Lieutenant Kaminski, to scout towards the village of Herrnhut. Past the cemetery, the road leading the village crosses a stream and a drainage ditch through a plank bridge. There is a lone cabin log on the far bank at left and a small wood at the right flank and the Poles, fearing an ambush, approaches cautiously to the water stream.
Meanwhile and hidden in the wood, lieutenant Uvarov (a young aristocrat serving as ADC to Majorgeneral Tetteborn) watches the approaching Poles, while his men, veterans from the Denisov #7 Cossack Regiment, are awaiting his signal to fall over their ancestral enemies.
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Polish losses

Wounded: 7. Dead: 1

Cossack losses

Wounded: 3. Dead: 1




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