thiessen (September 3, 1813)
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The plans of the generals
French Plan Allied Plan
(1) To hold Thiessen and Eupen (2) To advance with the reinforcements trough Thiessen to break the prussian line (1) To engage the French wings draining their reserves (2) To break the center of the French line with the reinforcements
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The first period of the combat
The fight at Thiessen
The hour of Wurtemberg
The final act
The final results

French (Wurttemberg) losses (13 pts.)
2/1st IR; 1/2nd IR; 1/ and 2/7th IR; 1st Foot battery; 1st and 3rd Chevauleger

Prussian losses (19 pts.)
Fus/1st Pomerania IR; 1/, 2/ and 3/2nd Reserve IR; Pomerania Grenadiers; 1/ and 2/1st Reserve IR; 6pd Foot Battery #10; Branderburg Dragoons R; 1st Silesian Landwehr Cavalry R.

Pursuing cavalry:
French: 6 bases left
Prussians: 9 bases left
Pursuit not allowed
The Prussian plan of battle failed because both flanking strong-points (the villages of Thiessen and Eupen) remained under the control of the Italo-Wurtemberg forces. While the first was fiercely contested and changed hands several times, the Wurtemberg Light infantrymen garrisoning Eupen, remained almost as spectators of the battle in the plain.
The poor use of the Reserves and the stubborn resistence of the Wurtembergs, achieved this victory for Bertrand


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