pirna (august 28, 1813)
the escape towards bohemia

The plans of the generals
Russian Plan  French  Plan
(1) To screen the highway to Bohemia (2) To take the bridge (3) To retire the baggage and the units through the highway (1) To feint in the right flank and center  to fix Russian reserves (2) To take the wooded area (3) To take the bridge cutting the retreat
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The first movements
The combats in the central and northern sectors
The fight in the southern area
The last moments
The final results

French losses (8 pts.)
3/ and 4/55e ligne, Italian Chasseurs a Cheval, 9/8e foot artillery, 2/4e horse artillery

Russian losses (18 pts.)
1/Revel IR, 1/ and 2/Tchernigov IR, 2/Minsk IR, 1/Semenovski Guards IR, Grodno HR, Soum HR, Loubny HR, Pos¡tion battery #5, Horse battery #7

Pursuing cavalry:
French: 4 bases left (1+1+2) = 4 points
Russian:12 bases left (4+4+4) + 2 units: 14 points
The Russian cavalry can protect adequately the Russian retreat

Pirna for Lasalle finished like the real combat. Ostermann-Tolstoi was able to extricate his forces from Vandamme interference, although with a larger number of losses than in the reality. The dogged Russian resitence and the final Guard (infantry and cavalry) attacks, maintained open the south exit, allowing the retreat.
In 1813, Vandamme pursued the retiring Russians into Bohemia, only to be trapped and routed in Kulm (29-30 of August 1813), making that Napoleon lose all advantages won at Dresden.



Scenarios for Lasalle