dessau (october 12, 1813)
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The plans of the generals
French Plan Allied Plan
(1) To fix the Prussians at Polnitz (2) To advance with the main body towards Dessau, whereas (3) the reinforcements break the Prussian flank (1) To hold the French at Polnitz with the rearguard and (2) the main body, while protecting (3) the march of the train column towards the bridges at Dessau
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The first clashes
The fight at Polnitz
The fall of Polnitz
The final results

French losses (4 pts.)
10e Hussars Regiment; 1/145e Ligne IR

Prussian losses (7 pts.)
3/3rd Reserve IR; 1/4th E. Prussian IR; Fus/4th E. Prussian IR; 6 pdrs battery #6.
General Muller KIA

Pursuing cavalry:
French: 6 bases left
Prussians: 9 bases left
Pursuit not allowed
The Prussian battle plan worked perfectly. The French were delayed at Polnitz, allowing the Prussian baggage train to reach the safety of the bridges. Achieved its purpose, the Prussians withdrew slowly until a sudden storm ended the fight.


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