A delaying action

The plans of the generals
Allied Plan  French  Plan
(1) To resist the first French assaults maintaing the stream line (2) To attack with the arriving Austrian reserves (1) To win both crossing points (2) To make an outflanking movement from Mertendorff while pivoting on the Wethau area
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The fight for the crossings
The fight in the Wethau area
The fight at Mertendorff
The cavalry battle
The final results

French losses (23 pts.)
3/10e Légère; 3/32e Ligne; 2/58e Ligne; 2/17e Légère; 3e Hussar Regiment; 14e Chasseurs à Cheval; 26e Chasseurs à Cheval; 27e Chasseurs à Cheval; 2e Dragons Regiment; 19e Dragons Regiment; 22/1e Foot Artillery; 2/3e Horse Artillery

Allied losses (10 pts.)
1st Austrian Jager Battalion; 1/Brooder Grenz IR; Hohenzoller#2 Chevauxlegers; Silesian National Cavalry; Illowaisky X Cossacks; Brigade Battery
General Mensdorff dead.

The French army reached its morale breakpoint in the turn 23. However, they were able to pass the Army Morale Checks in the subsequent turns, holding the position until no more additional turns were allowed.
The final result was that the Allied hold the stream line and forced the French retreat, causing them a greater number of losses. The arrival of night avoided the French total rout and the Allied pursuit.
The battle was a DRAWN BATTLE, in Lasalle terms, but the Austrian strategical aim, i.e. to delay the Augereau advance towards Leipzig, was fulfilled.



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