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Tirailleurs Corses and du Po at Sokoltnitz (Austerlitz 1805)

tirailleurs corses y tiraiilleurs du po

These two famous light infantry units were brigaded together duriong the campaing of 1805 in the Legrand's division of the Soult's IV Corps. During the battle of Austerlitz both units contributed to the succesful defense of Sokolnitz, previously to the storm of Pratzen heights by the other divisions of IV Corps (Saint-Hilaire and Vandamme). The 'Tirailleurs Corses' were known as 'the emperor's cousins' and were from Corcega island, whereas the 'Tirailleurs du Po' were from the Northen Italian zone liberated by Napoleon from Austrian rule.

In 1805 the uniform of both units was similar to the rest of french light units, i.e. with shako. There is a strong controversy with the color of the coat of the 'Tirailleurs Corses' (dark blue or brown) but in 1805 the colour is more likely to be blue with green facings. The giberne was weared in the waist 'a la corse' and the rest of the uniform was typical from the French light infantry units On the other hand, the coat of the 'Tirailleurs du Po' was green, i.e. the typical colour of the italian units, with white waist-coat and breeches. Both units are shown in the web of HISTOFIG  (Empire > Uniforms > France > Units hors ligne) if well the coat of the 'Tirailleurs du' Po does not corresponds to the 1805 one.
For the models I have used the '1805 French Ligh Infantry' of HAT (Ref. 8063) whitout any modification for the 'Tirailleurs du Po', and with the giberne removed (and then glued in the waist) for the 'Tirailleurs Corses'.

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