Spanish Royal Guard facing the French at Talavera (1809)

spanish royal guard  pre-1812

The Spanish Royal Guard Infantry at 1808 had a Prussian-type uniform whose main characteristics was the use of bicorn. The predominant colour of the uniform was dark blue with facings (collar, cuffs, lapels..) in dark red.
There are not 1/72 HO/00 plastic figures depicting a such uniform but a very easy conversion can be made by using pre-1812 Prussian infantry. The Prussians from the old Esci 226 - Prussian and Austrian Infantry set are the most adequate because they have long-tailed jackets as the Royal Guard actullay weared. On the other hand, the figures from the HaT 8083 - 1806 Prussian Musketeers set can be used for the regular army units whose jackets were short-tailed.

For the colour schemes and regimental facings, I have used the following references:

    Spanish Army of the Napoleonic Wars (1) 1793–1808 (Men-at-Arms 321)
   Uniformes Militares Españoles: el Ejército y la Armada en 1808. J.M. Bueno.       Edited  by the author. Malaga (Spain) 1982

The flags were downloaded from the Warflag site:

Spanish Royal Guard (1) Spanish Royal Guard (2) Spanish Royal Guard (3) Spanish Royal Guard (4)