Sapnish Flags

Spanish flags

Barcena's Division arriving at Vitoria (1813)

spanish infantry 1812

There are not today commercial plastics figures 1/72 scale (20 mm) depicting the Spanish infantry of 1812-1813. The only way to build those units is by means of a conversion, or painting some similar available figures.

In those times the Spanish army rely heavily on British supplies (see the excelent book 'Spanish Army of the Napoleonic Wars (3) 1812-1815'. Met-at-Arms Series No. 334. Osprey Publishing. 1999), so the supplied uniforms are based upon a simplified version of the british infantry uniform. The more distinctive item of these Britsh-made uniforms was the shako, that was truncated-conical in shape . After a little help from several members of Yahoo groups, I concluded that the more viable alternatives were the Revell Riflemen and the HAT British Light Infantry which wear a similar shako (and not the 'belgian shako' used by the British and their Allies in Waterloo). In addition, some figures from the ESCI British Infantry were also used with the front plaque removed.

The colour scheme is based upon the illustrations appearing in the book cited above, that does not resolve the main problem of the Spanish infantry uniforms of 1813-1814: the colour of the coat. The Spanish Reglament of 1811 does not specify (maybe intentionally) the colour of the coat, so there are two posibilities: dark blue or sky blue. From the British shipment notes we can deduce that uniforms of both colours were sent to Spain, so about a 33% of the figures were painted with blue sky uniforms and the rest with dark blue uniforms. The facings were dark blue for the sky blue uniforms, and sky blue and red for the dark blue uniforms.

The flags were downloaded from the following Internet page: