The Guerrilleros of D. Julian Sanchez 'el Charro' at Fuentes de Onoro (1811)

spanish guerrilleros

During the Peninsular War, the Central government and the regular Spanish Army collapsed after Bailen and the subsequent arrival of Napoleon and his Grande Armée. However, the new local authorities (Juntas) immediately raised units of regional nature such as the Catalonian Somatenes, the Valencian Light Infantry and other forces with short live and coloured appearance. In addition, the Partidas of Guerrilleros infested the mountainous regions carrying out a irregular warfare against the French.
These units have not been covered until now in the 1/72 plastics scale, but there are some future releases:

By courtesy of Hat Industries ( http://www.hat.com) I was sent a set of their future release: HAT 8116 ‘Spanish Guerillas’  1/72 figures. The set includes: Catalonian Militia and/or Somatenes, Valencian Light Infantry and other figures depicting guerrilleros of the Partidas.

For the uniforms, I have followed the book:
Uniformes Militares Españoles: el Ejército y la Armada en 1808. J.M.Bueno.
Edited by the author. Malaga (Spain) 1982

Catalonian Somatenes Civic militia (1) Civic militia (2)
Valenican Light Infantry "Fray Cuchillo" Mixed band
All the gang