British Light Dragoons charging French infantry at Gamarra (Vitoria 1813)


british cavalry post-1812

During 1812 there was major changes in the uniforms of British Cavalry, affecting to all branches or that arm with exception of Hussars. Thus, Light Dragoons changed their laced dark blue coats and  distinctive Tarleton helmets to dark blue coats with plastrons and bell-shaped shakos. Heavy Cavalry changed their cocked hats for helmets with brass comb, front-plate and black horsehair manes (Dragoons and Dragoon-Guards) or caterpillar-crested helmets (Household Cavalry). On the other hand, there was not significant changes in the Hussars costume except for the replacement of the fur busbies by shakos in some regiments.
During Vitoria campaign, spring-summer 1813, some of the above changes were already in effect (for example Light Dragoons carried their French-like new uniforms in the field) but others were in process of implementation (the new helmets for Life Guards were issued at 1814), so the mixing of new and old uniforms was a reality. Only during the Waterloo campaign (1815) the change of uniforms can be considered as finished.
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