British Light Dragoons at Salamanca (1812)

british light dragoons pre-1812

Until 1812 the uniform of the British Light Dragoons was similar to British Horse Artillery: a braided short dark blue jacket and a tarleton cap. Today there are not plastic figures at 1/72 (20 mm) scale for those units in their pre 1812-unifomr, and since Light Dragoons fought in several battles of the Peninsular War, these  figures must be obtained by transformation.
I have used the REVELL 02576 (French Mounted Guard Chasseurs) which wear the braided dolman, with their colback-wearing heads removed and changed by heads of British Horse Artillery. For these last there are several alternatives:  ESCI 233/ITALERI 6041 (British Artillery), HAT 8003 (British Rocket Troops) or the old AIRFIX 01746 (Waterloo British Artillery) set.

For the color scheme and regimental facings, I have followed:

The horses are from the British Life Guards REVELL 02578 set whose tails follow the British fashion.

Head exchange Converted figures British horses
Rear view Vertical view Galloping at everything!
13th Light Dragoons The Light Brigade What a litlle mouse!