wartenburg (october 3, 1813)
A scenario for one-half napoleon's battles

The plans of the generals
French defensive Plan Prussian attack Plan
The plans of the both sides were made with Wartenburg as the focal point of the battlefield
Franquemont Morand Fontanelli
Prussian arrival. First attacks (7.00-12.00 h)
Prussian 2nd Brigade arrives and deploys in front of Wartenburg The Silesian Grenadiers routing French Lights
The Grenadiers disperse the Wartenburg garrison  but Morand counterattacks and recovers the village  Yorck arrives and modifies his initial plans  Prussian 1st Brigade is diverted to left flank
 2nd Brigade moves to left into the woods whereas the 7th Brigade occupies its place in front of Wartenburg Morand defends aggresively the stream line  1st Brigade starts to deploy in front of Bleddin
Events at Bledding in the Prussian left flank (12.15h - 13.00h)
Prussian 1st Brigade deploying in front of Bledding  Wurtemberg cavalry unsuccesfully trying to delay the assault The garrison falls against the weight of numbers Bledding is occupied and the French right is turned
The fight in the center (12.00h - 14.30h)
Prussians (2nd Brigade) exit from the woods dispersing the  surprised French lights The Light Italians deploy into line near the cemetery and more Prussians (8th Brigade) are fed into the woods
A cavalry try is rejected bringing disorder but the Prussians recover the composture The Italians fail a flank attack and the Prussian cavalry seizes the oportunity
finishing the Italians... porca miseria! only to be dispersed by the Beaumont's Westphalian cavalry whereas their Italian comrades reject the cavalry! and are after taken in flank by the vigilant Prussian infantry
A clash in line is won by the Italians The Westphalian forces the Prussian in square... temporaly delaying its advance... and allowing the Italian infantry to counter-attack...
...only to be rejected in turn. The Wurtembergers face up the turning Prussians but are dispersed by the 1st Brigade which also takes prisoner to General Franquemont The almost intact Italian division  defends the retreat line
Stalemate around Wartenburg (12.00h - 14.30h)
The 7th Brigade crosses the stream but is defeated by Morand, returning to its start point The Prussians catches the retreating French At last, Morand retreats practically unmolested
The Italians cover the retreat of their French comrades whereas the fatigued Prussians watch closely.
French losses
1,380 (F)+1,020(I)+480(Wu)=2,880
3(F)+6(I)+6(Wu)=15 guns
General Franquemont taken
Bleddin is French
Prussian losses
300 cavalrymen
6 dismounted guns
Globig y Wartenburg are in Prussian hands


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