lutzen (may 2, 1813)

The battle of Lutzen is the first battle of the May phase of the 1813 campaign.

This scenario is a modified and reduced version of the shown in the  Blue Book of Napoleon's Battles (I don't own sufficient figures!) with some personal modifications sased upon the Nazfiger book (Lutzen and Bautzen, The spring campaign of 1813. The Emperor Press). The french troops are the Ney's III Corps, the Guard, the MacDonald's XI Corps and the Latour-Mauburg's first Cavalry Corps. The allied troops are the I and II prussian corps (modified) and the russian Reserve Army (hordes of grenadiers and guards!). The allied are deployed whereas the french no. Napoleon is not initially at the table, and the allied C-i-C varies according 1D10 (as in Blue Book): 1-4 is the Czar Alexander, and 5-10 is Wittgenstein. An aditional problem is that Tormasov (commanding the russian Reserve Army) only will take orders from the Czar, so if this last is not in control, Tormasov will always dice for control altough he is inside the command radius of the russian C-i-C (...and he is a 5!)


Lutzen pdf file
  Old map Game map
The battlefield


III Corps is deploying Near picture of 9/III arriving
The Prussians and Russians attacking the cuadrilateral of villages  at the center of the battlefield
  The French Guard arrives to battlefield and start deploying on the French right But the Russian left is routed by the Old Guard
Massive Russian reinforcements arrive to battlefield. Napoleon concedes the day and retires His army
The battle can be considered as a very adjusted drawn or a minor French defeat because Napoleon was present


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