the battle of kalisz (february 13, 1813)
A "divisional" napoleon's battles scenario

The plans of the generals
French defensive Plan Russian attack Plan
The plans of the both sides were made with the Kalisz bridge as the focal point of the battlefield. The numbers indicate the intended timing
Von Nostitz retreats in the presence of the Russian cavalry Von Sahr advances under the Maury's protection The Saxon park is arriving to Kalisz Von Gablenz arrives before than the Russians
 First act: Von Nostitz retreats (12.00-13.00 h)
The Alexandria Hussars routing the Saxon Prinz Clemens Regiment but are stopped by the deployed Saxon Lieb grenadiers The White Russia Hussars disperse the Saxon artillery routing again the Prinz Clemens regiment
The Hussars remain disordered looting the battery and are rejected by the 133me Ligne Von Nostiz is isolated amonsgt the Russian cavalry and Reynier covers Kalisz with Durutte and Von Sahr
The White Russia Hussars rout the Priz Clemenz Uhlans and, out of control, arrive to the suburbia, being stopped by the 36me Legere Reynier covers the fighting retreat of Von Nostitz
Second act: Von Gablenz arrives (12.30h - 14.30h)
The Russian cavalry is behind Von Gablenz which try to disengage with some success retiring behind the deployed French
The cossacks take a Saxon battery but Von Gablenz continue its retreat fighting the daring Davidov's Cossacks
The cossacks disperse the shaken 3/131me ligne taking the French divisional 1/2 battery Von Gablenz arrives to the Kalisz suburbia but the covering Maury's brigade is almost isolated by the Russian cavalry and artillery
Last act: The attack on Kalisz (14.30h - 16.30h)
The Wurtemberg's Corps arrives and deploys before Kalisz Russian Murmansk Regiment routs the 132me Ligne
The second line (36me Legere and the Prinz Anton regiment rejects the Russian after a bitter fight At the French right flank, the Wurzburgers stands the Russian artillery fire whereas Von Gablenz arrives to the main line
The Prinz Anton Finishes the last Russian Regiment (Ukranian) Unseen, the Alexandria Hussars go round the cemetery, catching the Frenh left unaware (and deployed). At last, the French reserves led by Reynier,  stop the cavalry....
only to be rolled out by the Russian infantry The White Russia Hussars break throught the French center causing the  collapse of the French line which is laboriously recomposed
Reynier try to escape the trap advancing against the vigilant Cossacks but his retreat line is blocked


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