friedland i (JUNE 14,1807)

The battle of Friedland is the final battle of the spring 1807 campaign

I used the first edition of Napoleon's Battles edited by Avalon Hill. The main modification is the change os cavalry scale to 1/120.


Friedland pdf file
  Old map Game map
The battlefield


Lannes vs. Bragation around Posthenen and the Sortlack wood. Only the Oudinot's division is present.
Russian 2nd division (Osterman) advances to reinforce Bragation whereas the right-wing cavalry (Kollogrivov and Uvarov) faces the French cavalry (Nansouty and Grouchy)
6.00 h. Russian combined arms attack vs. French infantry (in square) previously disordered by the russian infantry fire:
FrGN: -3 (vs. others) -3 (disordered) +8 (1d10) = +2
RsLN: -1 (column) +7 (1d10)= +6

The French grenadiers are not routed but they must to withdraw taking one aditional loss in the withdrawal. The Russians take a 'winner' loss and occupy the terrain.

6.00 h. An enormeous traffic jam develops in Friedland, because of the confluence of several Russian columns attempting to cross simultaneously the Alle River.
Near Heinrichdorff, the russian horse artillery has dispersed a Grouchy's dragoon brigade, and Uvarov decides to attack the remaining french unit by sending two of his light cavalry units(hulans and dragoons), whereas the cossacks remain in reserve. In the resultant combat):
FrLC: +1 (line) +1 (Grouchy attached) + 6 (d10) = 8
RsLC: 0 (line) + 3 (300% figures)+ 1 (d10) = 4
Russian hulans are routed (3 losses), the Russian dragoons bounce, and the French dragoons (1 winner loss) make a succesful recall and do not pursue.

The Russians are crossing the Alle River fanning out from the town
Oudinot try a counterattack aganst the Russian avant-guard.
Meanwhile at the Russian right flank, the French Carabiniers are routed
Russian combined arms attack against a French grenadier square. Turn 1 (left) the Grenadiers take a loss but the Russian cavalry must bounce. Turn 2 (center) the Grenadiers rout the Russian infantry. Turn 3 (right) French grenadiers are victorious whereas the Russian infantry is routed and the Russian cavalry disordered. However, in the following hourly turn, the French were dispersed and Lannes was died.
The last two French grenadier units take refuge in Posthenen under Oudionot, the only surviving French infantry general.
French reinforcements appear at last near Posthenen, but too few, too late and without space to deploy
Aerial view from a cavalry combat. Only the two bigger units remained for each side, but they finally bounced. The other two units were dispersed.
Bragation attacks Posthenen defended by an almost depleted French grenadier brigade. The Saxons observe from the other side of Mulhenhauss 
The French VIII Corps arrives at Posthenen but, is too late?
Bragation takes Posthenen dispersing the French Grenadiers. The Russian victory is now total and the French concede the day and retire.
By the Tsar and the Holy Russia!


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