austerlitz (december 2, 1805)

The Emperor Alexander was to revenge the Austrian humiliation at Ulm defeating Napoleon

The order of battle (OOB) is based on the developed by Paul Edgar (member of the Yahoo group slighly modified according to the Scott Bowden's book 'Napoleon and Austerlitz: the glory years. 1805-1807' (Emperor's Press, Chicago, 1997).
For space limitations of the game-table neither the French V Corps (Lannes) nor the Allied avant-guard (Bragation) have been used, although both corps are described in the OOB.
The second edition of Napoleon's Battles edited by Five Forks has been used with some modifications:
1) The cavalry scale is also 1/120
2) Units of infantry with less than four elements were allowed to display the French light infantry regiments and the units of the French III Corps (Davout)
3) All the optional rules have been used if necessary


Austerlitz pdf file
  Old map Game map
The battlefield
French deployment
Reserve Cavalry (Murat) and Infantry Reserve (Oudinot's Grenadiers and Old Guard) covering the left flank. At their right Bernardotte's I Corps and then the Soult's IV Corps covering the center-right with Legrand (3/IV) and the cavalry covering the Telnitez-Sokolnitz area
From left to right: (1) Napoleon and His escort, (2) the 'Tirailleurs Corses' and the 'Tirilleurs du Po' at Sokolnitz and (3) the Chasseurs a Cheval de la Garde with the Mameluks
Russian deployment
Left: Austrian avantguard of the I Column. Center: Columns I, II and III descending from the Pratzen heights. Right: IV Column advances with some delay while part of the French deployment at the Telnitz-Sokolnitz area is also shown.
From left to right: (1) The V Column (Russian and Austrian cavalry): (2) the Russian Guard in the foreground and in the background the IV and V columns; (3) the Russian Guard awaits in reserve


From left to right: (1)  Austrian avant-guard of the I Column attacks Telnitz defended by the 2nd Brigade of Legrand's Division; (2) Austrian hulans are rejected by French horse artillerymen (!); (3) The attack on Telnitz becomes paralized; (4) The Croat Grenzers are routed by the French infantry.
Infantry) Brigade of Legrand's division; (3) Russians change to line and attack, but the first round of combat is inconclusive; (4) in the second round the Russians are disordered and must withdraw.
Left: French dragoons take by surprise to the routed Russian unit in line (they do not form square) and rout them. Right: The French cavalry is out of control and attacks the following Russian brigade which, disordered by their comrades, do not form square. However the Russian resist and the French cavalry must bounce. The attack on Sokolnitz is stopped. Left. Davout's III Corps arrives at Telnitz and starts its occupation. Right: The French infantry deploys in line to advance.
Left. Davout's III Corps arrives at Telnitz and starts its occupation. Right: The French infantry deploys in line to advance.
From left to right: (1) Legrand (IV Corps) advances from the Sokolnitz Castle against the allied III Column; (2) Saint Hilaire (IV Corps) advances side to side; (3) Vandamme (IV Corps) advances at the left surrounding the allied IV Column; (4) Final situation from the Allied lines: the attack is stopped.


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