Wiederitzsch (October 16, 1813)

The plans of the generals
French Plan  Russian Plan
(1) To hold the village and the centre of the posisition with the Polish troops (2) To engage the Russian flank and centre with the arriving French (1) To attack frontally the village whereas turning the position with the infantry (2) To lauch the cavalry to cut the French retreat line
The Russians assaulted the viallge and took it, but the arrival of the French III Corps avoided the flanking movement of the Russian cavalry. The Polish fought fierceley agains their 'hereditary' enemies and remained in Gross Wiederitzsch until the end of the game. The French 'Dragoons d'Espagne' were decisive to stabilize the French centre.
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The first moments
The fight in Klein Wiederitzsch
The fight of the French III Corps
The fight in the centre and the end

Polish/French losses (12 pts.)
Infantry: 2 Polish infantry battalions (1/2nd, 2/2nd); 2 French infantry battalions (1/145th, 2/145th Ligne)
Cavalry: 1 Polish cavalry regiment (2nd Polish Chevaux-Legers)
Artillery: 1 Polish battery (6 guns); 1 French battery (8 guns)

Russian losses (13 pts.)
Infantry: 3 battalions (Jagers #37 and #38, Nachsburg)
Cavalry: 3 regiments (Derpt and Livland Chasseurs and 3rd Ukrainian cossascks)
Artillery: 1 battery (10 guns)

The end of game arrived befor any side reached its Moral break point so this is a DRAW BATTLE. However, the Russians have been left without reserves and although the battle is technically a draw, the French position seems more solid.


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