dÜben (october 9,1813)

The plans of the generals
Russian Plan  French  Plan
(1) To make a fighting retreat around Duben and the bridge over the Mulde River (2) to place cavalry and artillery to outflank the bridgehead (3) to retreat continuosluy towards the north (1) To avoid the village with the Saxon cavalry (2) to pass through Duben with the infantry (3) forming a fighting line facing towards north (4) to catch the retiring convoy
The Russian strategy resulted better than the French plans. The rain converted the roads and terrain in a quagmire, and the stubborn  defense allowed the Russians to retire safely the baggage train. The Saxon cavalry, Hussars and Uhlans,  covered themselves in glory by breaking several Russian squares.
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The full battle

French losses
Infantry: 2 battalions

Russian losses
Infantry: 3 battalions

Düben and the bridge over the Mulde River ended in French hands, and the Russian baggage train left the field un-molested.

In the 'Pursuit an Victory' check: The French had 3 bases of 'Pursuit' cavalry left, i.e. three points. The Russians had 12 'Pursuit' cavalry bases left, i.e. twelve. The Russian cavalry covered efectively the retreat.
The Russians left the battlefield in French hands, so they have achieved a  MARGINAL VICTORY


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